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Meet the Best
Baby Bib

Mom invented, mom designed...every feature is to save you time. You will LOVE THIS BIB!

Our unique high-neck, waterproof bib has capped shoulders and a wide snap-on, silicone crumb catcher to prevent food from staining clothes.

  • NO more scrubbing stains after feedings/mealtimes
  • NO more stained bibs – ours wipes clean!
  • NO more ruined clothes…and
  • NO more caring if your little monkey is being messy while eating!
  • NO more rashes or skin irritations from food dribbling down baby’s neck.

Our motto is “the messier the merrier” – let kids be kids and do what they do best…be messy! And with our full-coverage, easy to clean bib, they can be without mom worrying about stained clothes.

And we are not just the best baby bib. We donate to No Kid Hungry in an effort to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry in the US.

Wear Our Bib… Feed the World,

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Why Our Bib?

No Monkey Business… we got you covered.

2-in-1 Design

Waterproof Bib + Snap-On Crumb Catcher

Multi-Point Stain Protection

No more stained clothes! High neck, capped shoulders, + food catcher.

Easy to Clean

Bib part wipes clean + machine washable. Crumb catcher snaps off to rinse + dishwasher safe.


100{3eef1f002d1e0193b4b964844dbc64e3636761dc336ac7205011e67901c7a764} sustainable materials… healthy + safe for your little monkey + Earth.

Best Travel Bib

On-the-go eating is easier and cleaner!

Super Comfy

Comfortable to wear + food cannot irritate skin.

Durable + Long-lasting

Wear during bottle feeding through toddler years + pass down to other kids.


Un-snap the top bib and wear underneath other bibs to protect clothes from stains.

messy boy without bib

Wear Our Bib,
Feed the World

13 MILLION kids in the US alone go to bed hungry. Not to mention the millions of children around the world who are starving.

By the time you read this sentence horrifically and sadly another child just passed away from hunger (every 6 seconds or 25,000 children every day).

We want to change this so we have teamed up with No Kid Hungry to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry around the world AND right here in the USA.


What our customers are saying

Absolutely love these bibs and the variety of beautiful, rich different from similar products on the market. These have become by new "go-to" gift for friends having babies. Versatile, functional and cute to boot.

Lisa B.

I LOVE this bib! Finally my son's clothes are not getting stained every time we eat. I love how it folds up and snaps closed - I fit my son's on-the-go snack in there too.

Tasha M.

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    best baby bib protects clothes from stains

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    • Here are some proven ways to take care of baby bibs Bibs are practical, useful, and

    • Learn more about different types of baby bibs and their advantages

      If you are a first-time parent, you might be overwhelmed by the barrage of baby care accessories you will come across upon a preliminary internet search. Information overload can be problematic for novice parents which is why we have decided to simplify the information for you. Today we are going to talk about a very important baby care item which is the baby bib. No one remembers who created the first bib, but it has been around for centuries and is super handy for all situations.  The conventional bib was a piece of absorbent cloth tied around the baby’s neck to protect the underneath clothes from spit ups. It has undergone many changes and today we see multiple variants of it. The different types of baby bibs serve various purposes. Your child will need all kinds of bibs at different stages of his/her life. Many parents have this misconception that a bib is not needed for a newborn baby as he does not consume solid food for at least four months. Parents soon realize how necessary baby bibs are for newborns as well. It’s because newborn babies dribble a lot and a bib is needed to absorb all the saliva.  Let us take a look at the different types of baby bibs and their utility.

      Bandana Bibs

      Bandana bibs are similar to the traditional bandana which is a triangular or square piece of cloth. The traditional bandana is tied around the neck as a fashion accessory. Bandana bibs are also wrapped around the neck to prevent the dribbles and spit ups from wetting your child’s underneath clothes. Bandana bibs offer the following advantages:
      • They are stylish and chic. They can be worn on formal occasions as they look more like an accessory and less like a bib.
      • Bandana bibs are tied high up the neck, leaving very little space for the liquid dribbles to get past the bib material and reach the clothes. 
      • They are tied securely around the neck. Babies find it difficult to remove them.

      Scoop Bibs

      Scoop bibs are a unique kind of bibs. They not only prevent liquid spit outs from damaging the clothes, they also prevent solid spit outs from creating a mess. Scoop bibs are made of water-resistant plastic. They have a trough-shaped tray at the bottom of the bib that catches food crumbles. Another variant of the scoop bibs is The Crumb Catcher. Instead of plastic, it is made of water-absorbent cloth with a plastic coating on it. A removable silicone crumb catcher tray is attached at the bottom of the bib. Visit The Little Monkey. You will find a wide range of Crumb Catcher bibs there.  The advantages of the scoop bibs are as follows:
      • Ideal for self-feeding babies. The food crumbs fall in the tray hence there is little chance of things to get messy.
      • Serves 2-in-1 purpose i.e. prevention from liquid spill ups and food crumbs.
      • Plastic made scoop ups are easy to clean compared to traditional cloth bibs.
      On the downside, all-plastic scoop bibs are not very comfortable to wear and can only be worn for mealtimes. benefits of different types of baby bibs
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